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Sleeping W/ Sirens -

  • Thank you for supporting and listening to our band. Thank you for coming to our shows and thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning!!
  • Hey guys, our band thanks you, and loves you more than you know, or could comprehend! I learn so much from all of you, and in so many ways it’s like we are growing up together! I just wanted to really thank you and say I’m so blessed to have had, or will have the chance to be a part of your lives! I thank God every day that your a part of mine  love you very very much! Kellin, and the boys of SWS

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Andar en esos días en que te da lo mismo la persona que te gusta. Te da lo mismo si te habla o no. Te da lo mismo si está con otra persona. Andar en esos días donde la sensibilidad no existe para ti. Esos días en que te crees indestructible y que crees que no eres apto para amar ni ser amado. Esos días de reflexiones infinitas que te abren la mente a la realidad y acabas siendo indiferente ..



Oh weon esto me pasa siempre o_o

the-less-wanted: Este post era mio wn… pero alguien me la quito zalsñkdfhasldgl asi que igual la raja que tengo 21.307 notas ;) 

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